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Why can't I always find the exact Ocean freight price?

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I found a strange problem, that is, when checking the shipping cost, no matter which webpage we click on, Ocean freight price we get is not exact. The price given by the website of the shipping price inquiry is also a very general price. Why is this?

When looking for prices on the website, the most common is the Allin price (all in). Literally, the Allin price means the all-inclusive price. Allin can be Allin of sea freight (including fuel surcharge, currency surcharge, etc.). Allin of the inland fee includes booking fee, THC document fee, towing cabinet, customs declaration fee, etc., but the inspection fee is generally not included unless it is packaged for customs clearance. The Allin price will vary depending on the forwarding company, the port of origin and the port of destination. Therefore, when the owner sees the Allin price in the shipping price query, he must first understand the specific prices included in the all-inclusive price.

The cost composition of different routes is different, and the cost composition of each route is different.



Southeast Asia Line O/F+BAF+WRS+PCS

Australia Line: O/F+THC+DOC

Red Sea Line: O/F+THC+DOC

Africa Line: O/F+THC+DOC

Europe: O/F+BAF+CAF+PSS (will be added during peak season)

Japan: O/F+PSS (EBS+BAF/YAS+CYC general delivery)

Korea: O/F+PSS+EBS

A brief analysis of the common surcharge abbreviations in the bill of lading:

1. BAF fuel surcharge, most routes have it, but the standards are different.

2. SPS Shanghai port surcharge

3. FAF fuel price adjustment surcharge (for Japan routes only)

4. YAS yen appreciation surcharge (for Japan routes only)

5. GRI comprehensive rate increase surcharge, generally used for South American routes and American routes

6. DDC, IAC direct flight surcharge, used on US-Canada routes

7. IFA temporary fuel surcharge,

8. PTF Panama Canal surcharge, used in American routes and Central and South American routes

9. EBS (Australian routes), EBA (Africa routes, Central and South American routes), the expression of fuel surcharges for some routes,

10. ORC local export surcharge, similar to SPS, generally used in southern China

11. PCS port congestion surcharge, generally used by some ports in Israel, India and Central and South America routes

12. PSS peak season surcharge, most routes may temporarily use this fee during the peak season of transportation

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