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Which is preferable air Cargo or air courier

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Air Courier

Almost everyone has shipped something via an air courier. Well-known companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and others provide door-to-door service for air courier shipping. You receive items supplied through one of these services at the address you specified, frequently along with a customs invoice. Although this approach is unquestionably the most practical, it is also the most expensive.

Air cargo

The fee you pay for the freight is also referred to as air freight, also known as air cargo. In air freight, a freight business either uses its aircraft or borrows another party's aircraft to convey cargo.

If you buy via air freight, you will need to pick up your cargo personally at the airport since the difference between an air freight service and an air courier is that you are paying the firm for airport-to-airport service. Although it will cost more, you can arrange to have the cargo transported to your house via a different form of transportation.

The second and most significant distinction is that air freight often costs 50% less than air couriers. This is because the higher number between the actual weight and the volumetric weight determines the cost per kg (chargeable weight) (the dimensional weight of the custom shipping boxes or the package.)

The dimensional factor for air courier LxWxH is 5000 whereas it is 6000 for air freight, which results in a greater overall charged weight for air couriers. Additionally, volumetric weight is computed differently for air couriers and air freight.

Air cargo

Which is preferable, air Cargo or air courier?

When comparing air couriers to air freight services, it's a good idea to take the shipment's volume into account given the potential added costs of air freight. If you need a small item to arrive quickly, using an air courier makes sense. Air freight is more cost-effective for large parcels or bulk commodities weighing tens or hundreds of kilos.

It is necessary to think about which mode of transportation best serves your needs and the associated costs if you are sending through air courier or air freight. Although each has benefits and drawbacks, the choice will ultimately come down to cost and convenience.

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