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What should I pay attention to when mailing express to Australia?

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The following points should be prioritized:

1. Fresh meat, eggs, dairy products, fresh vegetables, and fruits are not permitted to be shipped to Australia.

2. The products must be legal and meet the requirements of the destination's customs; combustible and explosive dangerous goods, as well as prohibited commodities, are not permitted to be mailed.

3. Because different sensitive items may require different logistics pathways, it is preferable to talk clearly with the veteran driver before mailing them to ensure that the goods arrive safely.

4. Sending courier to Australia, the declaration below A$1000 basically will not produce customs duty. Of course, the premise is to take the normal declaration route, the value of goods higher than the declared price may need to re-filing tax.

5. Before mailing, you need to provide the recipient's information, including the recipient's name, address, telephone, email, postal code, and city, as detailed as possible.

air frieght to Australia

The specific operation steps of express delivery to Australia

1. Contact the international courier agent, confirm the address of the recipient and the information of the postal items, and choose the carrier channel.

2. Online shopping platform to place an order or directly send the goods to the agent transfer warehouse, such as the old driver warehouse in Guangzhou.

3. The warehouse receives the goods, conducts security check, photo inspection, unpacking, consolidation, packing, pay the freight bill after confirming the correctness, and ship the goods.

4. The goods out of the warehouse to provide waybill number, waybill number can check the transport status.

5. Waiting for parcels to be signed for.

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