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What kinds of logistics are available for Mexico's dedicated lines?

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Mexico is a country in North America known as the United Mexican States (Spanish: Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos). Mexico is a developed capitalist country that belongs to the European Union and NATO. According to Mexico and domestic trade data in recent years, domestic import and export commerce with Mexico is still rising, and special line service providers have been developing special line transport routes and services for China to Mexico in recent years. Electromechanical items are the most common Chinese exports to Mexico, followed by minerals, transportation equipment, basic metals, products, plastics, plastics, and so on. The following is an overview of what types of Mexico special line logistics exist. How long does Mexico's special line take?

Introduction of special line logistics from China to Mexico.

1. Air cargo line

That is, domestic cargo aircraft or passenger aircraft can transport cargo, fly direct or transit to the destination of conveyance, and clear customs for delivery. The time limit is longer than for international express, but the security is stronger, and more commodities can be considered.

2. Sea freight express line

That is, there are two forms of cargo ship transit to the port of Australia: entire container transport and bulk cargo container transport. The cost of sea transport is the lowest for large products or cargo volumes, but the timing is slow to allow for more time.

3. Express International

DHL, TNT, FEDEX, and UPS are the top four. The main advantage is that the time efficiency is quick and relatively secure, but the cost is considerable.

How much time does it take to get from China to Mexico?

Air special line: approximately 5-7 days, with a reasonably short transit time.

The time restriction for sea freight is 20-30 days, depending on the port of transport.

International Express: about 3-5 days for door-to-door delivery; DHL is also the quickest.

The exact transport time depends on the actual transport weather and other circumstances, but the above time is comparable.

Finally, we would like to remind you that, in addition to the cost of logistics firms, time efficiency, and size, among other factors, choosing a dependable, cost-effective logistics company is critical.

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