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What are the factors that affect the speed of sea freight?

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The whole of the sea export affects its speed or mainly from the whole shipping process. The process of any of the environment out of the problem, or delay, will affect the sea transport is the speed of progress.

speed of sea freight

First of all, the consignor in the preparation of goods, once the consignor and freight forwarders or shipping companies booked the warehouse, should be in accordance with the requirements of the customs clearance period, in advance to prepare the goods. Shipment as scheduled to avoid delays affecting the rate of shipment.

Secondly, the main export of heavy containers to the terminal is the time for customs clearance. If the EDI electronic application is done in advance, the rate of customs declaration by the agent is very fast, so it is best to also check in advance whether the customs declaration authorization is expired before the sea departure. If there is no customs inspection, to avoid the rate of customs clearance Delay the process of slowing down.

Finally, it is to see the shipping company's shipping schedule. If the ship is scheduled as scheduled, it is more normal out of the shipment and does not affect the process rate. If the ship docks late, there is a delay in the last station, or overload, resulting in the dumping of containers, changing the ship, etc., which will cause the process to slow down, resulting in a slower rate.

However, there are many more factors that affect the speed of ocean freight, not just the above. Destination delivery, out-of-the-bill of lading fast or slow, freight forwarders or cargo owners' payment speed, etc., will affect the speed of the entire process. Therefore, whether it is the shipper or freight forwarder, we must pay attention to each shipment, and make all the preparations to avoid human control errors in the entire shipping process.

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