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What are the characteristics and development trends of international logistics?

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With the trend of international economic and cultural development, Chinese enterprises have more and more extensive transactions with foreign countries. Import and export trade for each country, can learn from each other, to achieve a win-win goal. On the other hand, it can also promote the development of enterprises and science and technology in its own country with stronger competition.

Shenzhen, as the frontier city of China's reform and opening up and economic development, is also a large port for international logistics trade. Shenzhen international logistics has also become an important symbol for China's foreign trade. So what are the characteristics of  International Logistics and what is the development trend of international logistics? Next, let's have a look!1ccd50a1c3aee3bcf82720545d7961a3

1、 What is international logistics

International logistics is the logistics between different countries and an inevitable part of international trade. The mutual trade between countries is finally realized through international logistics.

International logistics is an important logistics field in the modern logistics system. It has developed rapidly in the past decade, and it is also a new form of logistics.

With the dismantling of international trade barriers and the establishment of new international trade organizations, some regions have broken through the limitations of national boundaries and formed a unified market, which has led to the new situation of international logistics and the continuous changes of international logistics forms. The theme of the Ninth International Logistics Conference is "cross border logistics", and the concept and method of logistics continue to expand with the internationalization of logistics.

2、 What are the characteristics of international logistics

1. Environmental differences

International logistics will be affected by different national laws, economic levels and scientific and technological development levels, and will also be limited by different national cultures and customs;

2. Wide system range

international logistics is integrated with modern technology, and connects with the world's trading countries through network related technology;

3. High standardization

 International Logistics complies with relevant international trade laws and unified trade standards, which greatly reduces the cost and cost of logistics and reduces the difficulty of operation;

4. International information system support

Through the resume of the international information system, we can grasp the information of each port in real time and make the fastest real-time decision.

3、 Development trend of international logistics

1. More integrated international logistics system

International logistics integration is to make the whole logistics system an efficient, smooth and controllable circulation system, so as to reduce circulation links, save circulation costs, realize scientific logistics management, improve circulation efficiency and efficiency, and adapt to the development trend of "logistics without borders" under the background of economic globalization.

It can be said that in the past, the competition between individual logistics enterprises has evolved into the competition between a group of logistics enterprises and another group of logistics enterprises, the competition between a supply chain and another supply chain, and the competition between a logistics system and another logistics system. The larger the scale of the international logistics system that logistics enterprises participate in, the higher the logistics efficiency and the lower the logistics cost, the stronger the competitiveness of logistics enterprises. This kind of competition is a "win-win" relationship with equal emphasis on competition and cooperation.

2. International logistics management is more networked

Under the guidance of system engineering thought and the conditions provided by modern information technology, strengthening resource integration and optimizing logistics process are the most essential characteristics of international logistics development.

Informatization and standardization, two key technologies, have completely changed the integration and optimization of international logistics.

3. More unified international logistics standards

International logistics standardization takes international logistics as a large system, and formulates technical standards for subsystems such as internal facilities, mechanical equipment, special tools, etc; Formulate the working standards of packaging, loading and unloading, transportation and distribution in different fields within each system; Take the system as the starting point, study the coordination of technical standards and working standards of various subsystems and sub fields; According to the requirements of coordination, unify the standards of the entire international logistics system; Finally, it studies the cooperation between the international logistics system and other related systems, and seeks the unification of international logistics standards.

As the frontier of China's development, Shenzhen International Logistics is an important choice for China's export trading companies. Through Shenzhen international logistics, we go abroad, look at the world, improve the status of Chinese enterprises in the world, and provide no small force for our economic development and progress.

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