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Qingdao Port opened in only 15 days from Qingdao to Auckland!

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On August 3, foreign media reported that a US manufacturing company sued several large shipping companies to the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).

The manufacturing company said they were suspected of manipulating the price of spot container freight and would have to pay $600,000, or 4 million yuan.

The lawsuit alleges that these shipping companies used "unjust and unreasonable" means in the process of developing customers, sacrificing the interests of small shippers and manipulating the spot shipping market for containers from China to the West Coast of the United States.

And colluding with other shipping companies, the spot container freight has soared from about $2,700 in 2019 to more than $15,000 now.

In the face of surging shipping prices, instead of taking regulatory measures, some shipping companies refused to negotiate contract prices, thus violating the U.S. Shipping Act of 1984 and undermining the stability of the ocean freight industry.

But after Biden issued the executive order, the World Shipping Council (WSC) began defending the liner companies, arguing that it was unprecedented import and export demand, rather than any fault of the liner companies, that threw the supply chain into chaos.

Like Evergreen Shipping and Mingyang Shipping, the freight service prices are set in accordance with relevant U.S. regulations, and their pricing has been reported to U.S. maritime authorities. The two Taiwanese shipping companies said if the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) needed more information, they would provide it to facilitate an investigation. However, Du Shuqin, president of Yang Ming Shipping, said that there is no collusion among the world's major shipping companies to set prices, and they will reject unfounded price monopoly claims.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, shipping prices have ushered in several rounds of soaring. In the face of "astronomical freight rates", it is not uncommon to rent large ships to transport a small amount of goods, use bulk carriers to load containers, and ship owners to rent ships to transport goods by themselves. Even if the government intervenes to mediate, it is often "the ship says the ship makes sense, and the goods say the goods make sense".

The core of this controversy actually revolves around questioning the monopoly of the liner industry. In 2000, the world's 10 largest liner companies controlled a total of 12% of the market. Today, this proportion exceeds 80%, which is very easy to form a monopoly. When the "pricing power" of maritime transportation begins to be controlled by liner companies, cargo owners Being in a "passive" state will inevitably have an impact on import and export trade.

Qingdao Port opens the Qingdao to Auckland Express Line!

On July 28, when the second anniversary of the establishment of Shandong Port was approaching, the Qingdao Port of Shandong Port held the opening ceremony of Wanhai Shipping's US-West Express Line.

This is the 16th foreign trade route newly opened by Shandong Port this year, and it is also the first US-West express route opened by Wanhai Shipping in Shandong Port Qingdao Port.

The Wanhai-US-West Express Line takes Qingdao Port, Shandong Port, as the only port of call in northern China. The port of call is Kaohsiung, Ningbo, Qingdao, Auckland, and Kaohsiung. The main express service brand, it only takes 15 days from Qingdao to reach Oakland in the United States, which is nearly 5 days shorter than the regular flight between the United States and the West.

The route provides point-to-point express services for the export of domestic electronic products, mechanical equipment, clothing and e-commerce products, and builds an efficient and fast maritime logistics channel between Shandong ports and the West Coast of the United States.

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