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Prediction of global logistics trends in 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of the global logistics industry. Earth shaking changes have taken place in this industry from the way we purchase raw materials to the way we finally deliver them. With the increasing globalization of the world, the demand for logistics services is unprecedented. Every year, the logistics industry will undergo major changes. As the world moves forward, it is crucial to have an insight into the trends and innovations that will affect future logistics. Let's take a look at some major trends in global logistics in 2022.


1.Last mile delivery service

With the change of consumer behavior and the increase of online shopping, the demand for package delivery surged. Customers want to get orders quickly, and they want to know the exact location of their orders at each step. Last mile delivery is a term used to describe the last stop where goods are delivered from the warehouse to the end customer. Logistics companies must invest heavily in tracking and route optimization tools to improve efficiency to keep up with this trend. Even after the pandemic, e-commerce will never disappear. chain visibility

According to Forbes, more than 90% of supply chain executives said that supply chain visibility was the key to their success. Although this is not a new trend in 2022, it becomes more important every year. In addition to identifying trends early to prevent problems, visibility is also needed to provide good customer service. Predictive analysis, custom reports, interactive dashboards, and control tower functions are all ways to improve supply chain visibility.

3.Focus on return management

With the increase of online orders, the synchronous growth of returns is certain. When looking for logistics partners, e-commerce sellers need a reliable and direct return process. In order to provide a positive customer experience, logistics providers must handle large numbers of returns, provide inventory management, and integrate with e-commerce platforms to handle returns. Many companies will adopt new technologies to simplify this process in order to manage returns as efficiently as possible.

4.Convert to a cloud based system

In terms of comprehensive logistics management, cloud based computing provides advantages. Although there are many effective cloud based solutions, it is expected to bring more in 2022. Logistics companies can promote scalability, reliability and security by using cloud based systems. For global logistics companies with users around the world, cloud based systems can help enhance back office operations because they provide collaboration and accessibility.

5.Driverless vehicle research and development

Although driverless cars may not be on the road in 2022, it is hoped that transportation enterprises will continue to invest in this area. According to pitchbook, investors invested a record $5.6 billion in companies developing driverless technology in the first half of 2021. Logistics companies see driverless driving as a huge opportunity to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Although it is difficult for auto companies to keep up with demand, driverless driving can help alleviate concerns about the shortage of drivers.

6.Staff recruitment and retention

In the tight labor market, it is challenging to find the necessary talents needed to successfully carry out logistics business. This leads to a lack of resources, delays in delivery, tension with partners and suppliers, and other challenges. The shortage of labor market goes far beyond the logistics industry. The shortage has led many retailers to find the value of logistics partners, who can undertake cumbersome responsibilities such as storage, picking, packaging and other headaches. In the foreseeable future, solving the problem of employee recruitment and retention is one of the global logistics trends.

7.Sustainable Logistics Practice

Another significant trend in the global logistics industry is the development of sustainable logistics practices. In addition to being beneficial to us and our planet, it is also cost-effective, helps brand promotion and improves customer loyalty. Most well-known logistics companies have joined sustainable development partnerships and organizations to encourage the use of cleaner fuels, more efficient equipment and lower emissions. As we enter 2022, we expect more enterprises to reduce their carbon footprint to adapt to this trend of sustainable development.

The future of the global logistics industry is constantly developing. In the past two years, we have learned that supply chain disruption is inevitable and you must plan ahead. With the continuous outbreak of e-commerce and the emergence of new challenges, 2022 will be another year of progress and innovation in shaping the logistics industry.

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