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Overview of the European air cargo market

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There are five major economies in Europe: the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia. Temperature-sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and medicines, have created a huge opportunity for the air cargo market. As an example, approximately 68% of biotechnology products are considered to be temperature sensitive.

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Furthermore, we provide clinical home healthcare services, including clinical drug storage, direct-to-patient delivery, biospecimen collection, central pharmacy, and home care. Air transportation is highly dependent on pharmaceutical companies because of factors such as time sensitivity and temperature control. Due to the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry, temperature-sensitive cargo transportation has become more in demand.

European air demand is expected to increase as new pharmaceutical and biotech products enter the market every day. Therefore, airlines using advanced cold chain solutions will be well positioned to benefit from the growing industry. In the future, airlines will continue to demand shipping services that meet their specific needs, and the pharmaceutical industry will also increase its demand.

Despite the recent European embargo, air cargo demand remains strong, and operating conditions remain favorable. There was a gradual improvement in the European air cargo market in September, as economic activity recovered and exports increased. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) 2020 report, however, indicates that all major routes remain in contraction territory, with total international route miles down 15.7% from last year.

According to the European manufacturing PMI released in September, new export orders rose sharply, which is positive news for the region's CTK prospects shortly. The sudden reduction in cargo space offered by passenger flights in the European region as a result of the growth of e-commerce is driving cargo shipments through airports.

New features and technologies can help airline providers attract new customers and expand their footprint in emerging markets. This factor will likely drive the air cargo market. During the forecast period, the European air cargo market is expected to grow at a good CAGR.

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