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Ocean Freight For Tianjing To Lima Sea Port FCL Service

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A province in central Peru. West by the Pacific Ocean. The area is 34,802 square kilometers. Population 6.707 million (1990). The capital city of Lima. The west is a narrow coastal plain, with a desert climate, dry and little rainfall; the east runs through the West Cordillera Mountains, the mountain climate is colder, the rainfall is abundant, and it is the birthplace of the river. Agriculture is mostly concentrated in river valleys, relying on irrigation, mainly producing cotton, sugar cane, cereals, potatoes, vegetables, etc., and raising poultry and livestock; the mountains are mainly mining coal, copper, gold, silver and other minerals. Most of the processing industries are concentrated around the capital district of Lima. Land and sea transportation is developed, and there is Callao, the largest port in the country. The capital of Peru and the capital of the province of Lima. The country's largest economic and cultural center. It is located on a coastal irrigation oasis; it is bordered by the Andean foothills to the east and the Pacific Ocean port of Callao to the west. The tropical desert climate is mild and dry due to the influence of the Peruvian cold current. The population of the suburbs is 6.4 million (1988), accounting for more than a quarter of the country's population. Built on the Rimac River in 1535, it has long been an important administrative center for Spanish colonies in South America. Concentrating 70% of the national industry, mainly food, textile, leather, clothing, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metal processing, oil refining and so on. There are railways and highways connecting with the Port of Callao and other cities, as well as an international airport. The buildings in the city are magnificent, with many squares, churches, and museums (40); there are the oldest San Marcos University in South America (built in 1551) and other institutions of higher learning (12). Famous tourist city.


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