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Industry knowledge points of international logistics, elaborate on FBA

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What is international logistics?

International logistics can also be understood as cross-border logistics, which refers to the process of transporting goods from one country or region to another by sea, land or air (head-on logistics), and completing international commodity transactions (destination local logistics) through local distribution in the destination country. Then, when the goods are delivered from the seller to the consumer,

And you should also master the knowledge of relevant logistics methods! Common cross-border logistics modes include international express delivery, international air transportation and international sea transportation. Sellers can choose their own transportation mode according to their commodity attributes and business needs.


International Business Express

International Commercial express refers to the express delivery and logistics business between two or more countries (or regions). When the international express mail arrives in the destination country, it needs to be distributed in the destination country before it can be delivered to the final destination. International express packages are fast in delivery and excellent in service, but the price is relatively high. Common logistics carriers include UPS, DHL express, FedEx, etc.

ocean shipping

Sea transportation is a way for ships to transport goods between ports in different countries and regions through sea routes, including sea freight full container and sea freight LCL.

1. Ocean full container

Full container by sea, that is, full container, referred to as FCL. It refers to the whole box of goods with only one shipper, who is responsible for packaging, counting, stowage and lead sealing. The general dimensions of containers in international standards are 20 feet long, 40 feet long, 40 feet high and 45 feet high.

2. Ocean LCL

LCL for short. It refers to the small ticket goods that the consignor consigns less than the whole box. The goods are sorted by the agent (or carrier), and the goods sent to the same destination are assembled into boxes after being concentrated in a certain quantity.

Note: how to choose full container and LCL?

It depends on the volume of the consignment. The minimum container type for standard containers is 20 feet. If the volume of the consigned goods is less than 20 cubic meters, it is recommended to use LCL transportation. When it is more than 20 cubic meters, it should be transported in full containers.

air transport

Refers to the use of aircraft as a means of transportation for cross-border transportation of goods.

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