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I will share my experience of successfully shipping Ocean freight to Australia

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Is it inconvenient? If the airline arranges the consignment, but the cost is too high for you to accept, you can choose the sea transportation service.

Lefeng international logistics specializes in providing LCL / FCL sea freight transportation services from Chinese Mainland to Australia - Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane - freemantel (Western Australia), and a one-stop service of all documents, commodity inspection, taxes and customs clearance (including double clearance)!

Our company can assist if the consignor does not have import and export rights. In order to handle customs declaration in China, customs clearance and export at the port, the consignor needs only to provide the booking (booking list), cargo packing list and relevant information of the consignee.

(1) Shipping from the Chinese mainland to Australia:
A: First of all, you should consult with our company to understand the price and transportation details, and determine the transportation mode: LCL or full container - Transportation terms, ex factory price, FOB, CIF and door-to-door price. Confirm the specific price, secure transportation, reserve space and confirm the delivery date.

B: After the relevant matters are settled, the goods will be delivered to our warehouse. Our warehouse will sort out the packaging, confirm the quantity and volume of the goods, and confirm that the goods can be packed in containers.
Clients do not need documents and import or export rights; just provide the packing list (value, material, quantity) and we will take care of the sorting and confirmation, as well as the customs declaration.

D: Customs clearance, container loading, the whole container shipping voyage generally takes about 15-20 days, and the LCL of bulk cargo generally takes about 20 days.

E: Upon arrival at the port of destination, the goods are cleared by our agent, unpacked, loaded and delivered home, and the customer signs for receipt.

(2) Customs policies related to duty-free shipping of personal goods to Australia:

Australia stipulates that citizens living abroad may bring back their own articles and personal property owned and used in their place of residence for more than one year into Australia duty-free. The materials to be provided for applying for tax-free customs clearance to move to Australia include: providing legal certificates and photo pages of citizens' nationality and identity, copies of legal certificate pages of citizens' nationality and identity, and application forms for duty-free entry of personal belongings.

(3) Charge standard for bulk cargo from Guangzhou to Australia:

  1. Different goods and quantities have different cost standards, and a final price can only be confirmed after verifying the details of the goods.

  2. Tariffs and GST values within 30 km of the port of Australia can be delivered to our company. In addition, goods can be delivered to our home territory on account of our company.

  3. Log materials imported into Australia are fumigated at a cost of RMB 700 per ticket. Wood materials must be free of bark, insects, mildew, and other materials. There shall be no log material packaging inside and outside fumigation free packaging (plywood, fiberboard, etc.).

  4.  For the quotation of the whole cabinet, you need to confirm the address in China and the address in Australia!
    Choose the transportation mode according to the cargo volume: factory loading, our warehouse loading to Guangzhou port
    If the cargo is less than 20 cubic meters, it is recommended to ship the bulk cargo to the door; If the cargo is more than 20 cubic meters, it is recommended to pack the container and ship it to the door. The container type shall be selected according to the actual number of cubic meters.
    20GP: the inner dimension is 5.69m x2 13m x 2.5m 18 meters, with a gross weight of 17.5 tons and a volume of 24-26 cubic meters
    40GP: the content product is 11.8M x2 13m x 2.5m 18 meters, with a gross weight of 22 tons and a volume of 54 cubic meters
    40HQ: the internal dimension is 11.8M x2 13m x 2.5m 72 meters The gross weight of distribution is generally 22 tons and the volume is 68 cubic meters

  5. Our services:
    1. CIF project: China customs declaration, China trailer, China to Australia shipping; (commonly known as arrival)
    2. DDU project: China customs declaration, China trailer, China to Australia shipping, Australia customs clearance, Australia delivery to the door; (commonly known as door to door)
    3. DDP project: customs declaration in China, Chinese trailer, sea transportation from China to Australia, customs clearance in Australia, delivery to the door in Australia, and payment of Australian tariff and GST tax on behalf of Australia; (commonly known as tax to door)

  6. Transportation cycle:
    A: Bulk cargo: open the container on Monday and ship on Friday; About 20 days to the door
    In case of full containers, arrange the direct shipping schedule according to the actual situation of the goods. We usually sail a big ship on Tuesday. The arrival time is generally about three days earlier than that of bulk cargo

  7. Value added services:
    1: Goods received on behalf of others, no limit to the number of packages. The warehouse will collect the goods for one month, and the cities around Guangzhou will pick them up. Only the oil fee is charged
    2: Our warehouse has special personnel to inspect and collect goods: 24-hour monitoring and supervision;
    3: Our company presents marine insurance (with an insured amount of more than 50000) to you for supreme service!、

  8. Our door-to-door hotline: Singapore (Southeast Asia), Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. One stop transportation by sea / air

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