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How to choose the logistics mode in international trade?

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In the process of international trade, there are various logistics methods to choose from. For example, sea transportation, air transportation, railway, land transportation, express delivery, etc. However, which way is the most suitable for you is particularly critical. Only when the right transportation mode is selected, not only the timeliness is appropriate, but also the logistics cost is optimal.

First of all, let yourself know what product you provide. Select the appropriate transportation mode according to the product. For example, steel shelves, such products are large in volume and light in weight, and it is optimal to use the sea transportation mode for such products. Of course, it depends on where your trade market is located. If the trade market is not close to China, such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, shipping is indeed the first choice. The loading capacity of containers is large, and the cost of long-distance transportation by sea is optimal, which means that the time efficiency will be slower than that of air transportation. But in general, shipping is the best choice for such products.

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Second, if the products to be traded are high-value electronic products, the volume is relatively small, and they are also subject to seasonal and timeliness restrictions in foreign markets. Then, we suggest you take air transportation. Air transportation is fast, and the capacity can meet the needs of customers, whether it is bulk cargo or chartered aircraft.

Third, if the trade products are mainly sold to Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and other international markets along the Belt and Road. The company has a lot of products shipped and is unwilling to bear the high freight of air transportation. The timeliness requirement is not as high as that of air transportation, but it is more urgent than that of sea transportation. We suggest you choose rail transportation. The efficiency of railway transportation is faster than that of sea transportation, and the carrying capacity is similar to that of sea transportation. Of course, the cost is slightly higher than that of sea transportation.

Fourth, if the trade products are some samples, for example, you have just started trading or just started, foreign customers need some small samples. At this time, you can consider some express services that are affordable and time-effective, or special line express services. Such products can be delivered to the door by express companies, which is also very efficient and convenient for you and your customers.

In general, in the process of international trade, there are many ways to choose logistics, and sometimes it may be necessary to combine multiple logistics methods. For example, multimodal transport must be comprehensively evaluated in many ways according to the specific trade market and customer needs, plus the characteristics of export products, to find the best logistics solution to ensure that the entire trade process is perfect, harmonious, safe, and smooth!

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