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How much does it cost to ship one kilogram of cargo from China to Brazil and how long does it take?

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The import and export of my country's trade with Brazil has also been continuously improved in recent years. my country's main products exported to Brazil are: home appliances, clothing, wool products, latex, tires and other rubber products, mainly finished products, and imported products include iron ore , soybeans and other bulk goods.

Brazil Air Line

The Brazilian Air Freight Line Service Provider will arrange direct flights to the mainland or Hong Kong for transportation; after reaching the cities in Brazil, it will be delivered according to the needs of customers. Aging is faster.

Brazil Air Freight Line Time Limit

Air freight time limit: 10-15 working days to complete the delivery

Note: The transportation time is for reference only, and the actual transportation time of the service provider shall prevail.

How much does it cost to ship one kilogram of cargo from China to Brazil

Taking Guangzhou to Brazil as an example, it is about 20/kg. The specific price still needs to be determined according to the situation of the goods and the quotation of the selected logistics company, such as the weight, size, category, number of pieces, etc. of the goods you need to transport. The information is directly related to air freight costs.

Before the goods or commodities are transported by air, the packaging and outer packaging need to be intact to prevent collision and loss during transportation, and it is also better to board the cargo warehouse of the aircraft. Packaging, such as liquids, must be sealed to prevent liquids from flowing out during air transportation, and product identification and corresponding labels should be affixed on the packaging.

There must be clear basic information on the product label. In addition to the information of the goods, there must also be the origin, destination, destination, name, telephone number, etc. These are the most basic things, I hope everyone will not forget . When the goods are weighed at the airport, they can also be divided into many weights, such as gross weight, net weight, volume weight, and billable weight. These four data are all different, I hope everyone can understand.

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