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How long does it take to ship by sea to Australia?

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Surrounded by sea on all sides, Australia is the only country in the world whose territory covers the entire continent. It is a highly developed capitalist country with Canberra as its capital. Australia has a well-developed international sea and air transport industry, and Sydney is the main transport hub in the South Pacific. There are 97 domestic ports in Australia, and Melbourne (MELBOURNE) is the largest port in the country. By the way, our company provides ocean freight to Australia. if you are interested in this, please feel free to inquire.

The voyage from Shenzhen to Sydney Port by sea is about 12 days. The voyage from Shenzhen to Melbourne Port is about 15 days, direct by sea.

As an independent continent with well-developed agricultural industry, Australia's pest control measures are effective. To clear customs, all forest products must be quarantined and fumigated in the exporting country according to Australian requirements.

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) mandates that as of August 1, 2009, all fumigation certificates intended for Australia must either adhere to the pertinent requirements of the AQIS standard for fumigation with methyl bromide or include one of the following statements.

1. That no airtight packaging such as plastic is used in the shipment.

2. The batch of goods in the use of plastic and another airtight packaging before the implementation of fumigation treatment.

3. The batch of goods used in the plastic and other airtight packaging is in line with the AQIS standard for the fumigation of bromo-methane on the wrapping and perforation provisions.

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Import tariff rates:

(1) Special tariff rates

Goods imported into Australia, from different categories of countries and regions, enjoy different special tariff rates. Its main use is for

A. South Pacific Forum island countries (referred to as FI), where the tariff is lower than the general rate.

B. Least Developed Countries (referred to as LDC) and East Timor (ETIM), with zero tariffs.

C. Developing countries and territories (referred to as DC, DCS, and DCT) with tariffs lower than the general rate but higher than FI tariffs.

Furthermore, through bilateral trade agreements, certain items from New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are exempt from duty, while certain commodities from Canada are offered favorable rates; Singapore has a free trade agreement with which goods from Singapore are exempt from duty.

(2) General Tariff Rate

The general tariff rate applies to all other countries and regions, as well as imports that are not given special preference in the tariff schedule but fall under the special tariff rate.

(3) Commodity Tariff Concession System

This system allows certain commodities to be imported at a reduced tariff, but these commodities are those that have no similar industry in Australia, do not compete with its domestic industry, or do not adversely affect its industry.

(4) Handicraft concessions

The import of certain specific handicrafts can be exempted from customs duties. However, these products must be determined by Australian Customs to be handicrafts as defined by Australian law.

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