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How do you compute freight rates?

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The two primary components of the cost of shipping goods by sea are: the carrier's sea freight costs, and

Costs connected with handling and clearing commodities at loading and discharging ports.

Another issue influencing the cost of containerized sea freight is whether the items require a specific full container load (FCL) or can be combined with other cargo (LCL). Let's break them out below.

The format of these quotations can differ from freight forwarder to freight forwarder and sea freight company to sea freight business. While new levies appear to be introduced on a daily basis, your sea freight price will most likely be made up of the below freight & surcharge items.

air freight rates

Additional charges may apply depending on where you ship to, however the aforementioned are the main freight rate components when shipping under CFR incoterms. Some freight forwarders charge for sea freight tracking services, however most now provide this as standard, unless a bespoke form of sea freight tracking is required and they need to incorporate something outside of their internal systems.

To simplify the computation, certain sea freight forwarders or consolidators will combine some or all of these expenses into the Ocean freight rates. There's nothing wrong with this, but make sure you're comparing apples to apples.

For example, suppose you requested a rate for a shipment of four pallets weighing 1000 kgs and measuring 4.000 M3 from London to Hong Kong.

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