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Gatwick Airport rewrites rules for runway resurfacing

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VINCI Airports' London Gatwick Airport resurfaced its main runway in two-thirds the time and for half the price of standard resurfacing procedures, using 70% less asphalt than traditional resurfacing methods.

The pandemic delayed plans to resurface the airport's main runway in 2020. COVID-19, on the other hand, prompted Gatwick Airport to design fresh plans, which have resulted in a considerably more sustainable solution on a much smaller expenditure.

Rethinking its usual procedures, the airport resurfaced only the most'trafficked' sections of its main runway - where planes land and exit - because other sections were found to have seven to 10 years of life left in them.


Strong demand has expedited Gatwick's comeback

As an alternative to the standard resurfacing procedure, which involved placing two layers of the old runway surface over two nights, a resurfacing approach that involved laying both layers in one night was devised.

Combining these two approaches resulted in the installation of 40,000 tonnes of asphalt, which is 100,000 tonnes less than would ordinarily be required to resurface the airport's main runway. As a result, the project might be finished in half the time and at half the cost.

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