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European air freight prices soar, sellers miss the "cabbage price"

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"The situation in Russia and Ukraine has deteriorated, and the aviation industry has been hit hard. Yesterday, the price of a ticket was more than 30 yuan, and I feel that the air freight price has risen all of a sudden." A seller said to Hugo.

Hugo Bacteria communicated with several freight forwarders and learned that the price of European air shipments has indeed risen sharply this week, and even some freight forwarders’ quotations have soared to 50-60 yuan/kg. The price of European air shipments last week was simply the price of cabbage.

In just a few days, the price of air freight in Europe has skyrocketed in the short term. According to industry analysts, this may have a lot to do with the recent escalation of the situation in Russia and Ukraine.

Recently, the retaliatory measures by many European countries and Russia to "no-fly" each other have had a huge impact on the aviation industry. Some flights had to be cancelled or substantially detoured. The international crude oil price once exceeded US$100 per barrel, which will further increase the operation of airlines. cost.

Industry experts have analyzed that air cargo is related to the stability of the global supply chain. There are not many all-cargo aircraft in China, and many all-cargo aircraft from Europe are used for domestic transportation. Affected by the closure of the airspace, the China-Europe cargo airline industry may need to find a stopover point, and the flight time and fuel consumption will increase.

Some sellers have been notified by the freight forwarder, and the current Russian airspace flights to Russia are greatly affected. Most of the flights to Europe go through Russia. After the reduction of flights, the capacity is insufficient, time-consuming and fuel-consuming, and air freight prices continue to rise sharply.

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