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eBay's latest announcement: The cost of parcels to Australia have increased!

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AMZ123 has learned that, according to foreign media reports, eBay recently issued an announcement saying that eBay will temporarily increase the shipping cost of packages shipped to Australia and New Zealand using its eBay international standard delivery service. The current shipping increase has taken effect.

eBay said the increase in shipping rates was mainly due to increased international shipping costs to these countries, however the increase was only temporary. Additionally, eBay will continue to evaluate the best way to provide service to all countries served by eBay's National Shipping Program, including those affected by other service disruptions. And, shipping updates will be posted throughout the holiday season.

AMZ123 understands that eBay's international standard shipping service supports shipments to more than 210 countries and regions, and this service includes a variety of shipping services. In some cases, sellers may receive a USPS international shipping label and ship packages directly to international buyers. In other cases, eBay will provide sellers with USPS domestic service shipping labels from eBay warehouse partners who screen packages and then forward them to international buyers around the world, although the two cases are different, Both sellers and buyers can track the entire transaction through eBay's official website.

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