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Do you know air freight to Guadalajara?

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Guadalajara, located in the Western Pacific region of Mexico, is the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco, the capital of the Guadalajara metropolitan area, and the second-largest city in Mexico. The city was founded in 1542 and is currently the cultural, industrial, and economic capital of Mexico, known for its traditions, cultural and leisure attractions, and cuisine.

Guadalajara is a Spanish city whose name is derived from the Arabic term for "river of stones" or "valley of fortifications." Guadalajara now has a significant variety of attractions that draw a huge number of tourists and help the city's economy. The city's architecture ranges from Baroque to modern, and its colonial architecture is either French or Spanish, with the cathedral around the central square displaying a particularly distinctive neoclassical style. The historic buildings symbolize the essence of Guadalajara, and its art, customs, traditions, and legends are the main draws for visitors, in addition to the city's various green spaces for people and tourists to enjoy.

air cargo to Guadalajara

Guadalajara has hundreds of buildings with religious characteristics, both neoclassical, baroque, and neo-gothic styles can be seen. The most important building is the Guadalajara Cathedral, the most famous ceremonial center, and the oldest religious building is the Temple of San Francisco de Asis, built-in 1554 in the Baroque style.

In addition, Guadalajara International Airport opened in 1966 at a height of 1529 meters (5016 feet). The airport has two runways: the 02/20 asphalt runway, which measures 1818 meters by 29 meters, and the 10/28 concrete runway, which measures 4000 meters by 60 meters. Furthermore, the airport has two passenger terminals: Terminal 1, which services predominantly foreign flights but also some domestic flights, and Terminal 2, which opened in 2002 to ease pressure on Terminal 1. Guadalajara International Airport is Mexico's third busiest airport, after Juárez International Airport in Mexico City and Cancun International Airport, all of which run frequent local, regional, and international passenger and cargo operations. In addition, the airport is the third busiest airport in Mexico in terms of cargo.

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