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Cost and time of air freight from China to the United States

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How much does it cost to ship one kilogram of cargo by air from China to America?

U.S. air freight currently the four major international express (DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS), SF, EMS, etc. can be air freight express to America.

Different international express channels have different price advantages. This article mainly introduces the following five logistics methods.

air frieght to US

DHL: the main advantage in the small goods below 21KG, the small price advantage, the time is relatively stable.

UPS: the main advantage in more than 100KG large goods, large goods go UPS price is better.

FedEx: the main advantage in the 21-99KG section, this weight section FEDEX price is more advantageous.

TNT: the main advantage is also more than 100KG large goods, the price is cheaper than UPS, but the time frame will be slightly slower than UPS, it takes about a week.

EMS: goods up to 60cm on one side are calculated according to weight. 500 grams or less can be calculated.

According to the price of the document, and the ability to clear customs is strong. The items that can be shipped out of customs are super, and it can ship all the items that other companies restrict to run.

In short, we need to choose the corresponding express channels according to our product attributes and make reasonable use of the advantages of each express channel in order to mail goods at the lowest price.

U.S. air time efficiency:

The four major couriers to America, the time efficiency is stable, the basic receipt of goods in 3-7 days; EMS normal time efficiency in 7-15 days, SF 12-15 days.

If the pursuit of time efficiency, you can choose the four major express, DHL to send small pieces to have price advantages, and FEDEX is suitable for sending large pieces. If the pursuit of price, you can choose to send EMS or SF, EMS does not count the volume of materials, suitable for mailing light throw goods.

The United States special line transportation taboo:

The restrictions of the U.S. dedicated line are mainly in the area, weight, volume, type of goods, etc. We need to pay special attention when using the dedicated line logistics. In addition, the use of the United States special line also needs to understand the special line logistics sub-channels, because different sub-channels have different characteristics and advantages, reasonable choice to enjoy the best quality logistics services.

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