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China's cheapest fastest and safest shipping service

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Sea freight from China to different ports, year-round price breaks, quick arrival at the port, product photography to prevent damage and one-stop services for door-to-door receipt and delivery.

Advantages of sea freight:

I. Economical considerations: reduced freight charges

The most affordable freight rates are available to shippers in the ocean freight sector, especially for lengthy shipments.

Comparatively, the cost of carrying ocean freight is typically four to six times less than that of sending it by air. Ocean freight is the most cost-effective method of exporting internationally due to its low freight rates.

II. Effectiveness: for both little and big cargoes

Ocean freight can handle the essential transportation requirements regardless of the size of the cargo to be transported.

To fill containers, smaller cargoes might be mixed with larger cargoes to share the cost of transportation services. Shippers have the choice of bulk or full loads because larger commodities can fit in one or more containers.

Container ships are ideal for transporting large volumes of cargo and were originally designed based on the convenience of transporting large volumes of cargo or raw materials.

III. Cargo carrying capacity: large, bulky, and enormous cargoes

The ability to transport big, heavy, or bulky cargo, also known as bulk or non-trailer (NIT) cargo, such as huge cars, equipment, construction materials, etc., is a significant benefit of ocean freight.

The cargo is too enormous or too heavy for air or ground transport, making transportation relatively challenging. Also, not a problem at all is very large cargo when shipping via ocean containers.

On the other hand, port infrastructure is typically constructed by the government, ships can be sturdy, and cargo transportation costs are reasonably low, especially for large cargoes.

IV. The safety angle: security and improved closure

Hazardous materials and risky commodities can be safely transported on ships. In order to protect the safety of the ship, crew, cargo, and environment, maritime transportation has developed good standards and is experienced in managing these types of commodities. The rate of cargo loss due to accidents during shipping has been declining as maritime transportation safety has increased. During shipping, containers are made to keep goods sealed and locked, thus enhancing cargo safety.It is favorable and ecologically friendly features of the environment.

Air travel or many other forms of transportation have a significantly larger carbon footprint than maritime transportation, making maritime transportation significantly more advantageous from an environmental standpoint.

Ships, on the other hand, are the most carbon-efficient form of transportation, generating the fewest emissions per ton of goods delivered. The usage of liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered vehicles and new ship lines, together with technical advancements, have all contributed to a continued decline in carbon emissions.


Advantages of our company:

1. Our company has more than 2,000 square meters of warehouses in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, respectively, and can provide warehousing, local distribution, and value-added services to you.

2. Export door-to-door services are available: port-to-port, port-to-door, and door-to-door.

3. Our logistics and transportation services will be more timely and cost-effective for you.

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