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Characteristics of air logistics

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Air logistics is one of the most popular methods of transportation logistics, so what is the difference between air logistics and other transportation methods? The following three aspects are emphasized in this article.


Different scope of receipt

Air cargo transports mainly two types of items: documents and parcels. Documents include commercial documents and a variety of printed materials. The general requirement for parcels is that the gross weight cannot exceed 32 kg (including 32 kg) or that the outer package cannot exceed 102 cm on one side and 175 cm on three sides combined. Since the air transport industry has become more competitive over the past few years, courier companies have relaxed the requirements for parcel size. This is in an effort to attract more customers. When it comes to the traditional air cargo business of trading goods, each piece of cargo shall not have a volume less than 5 cm by 10 cm by 20 cm. Generally, the postal business consists of private letters, and the maximum weight and length of parcels is not more than 20 kg per piece.

Different Operators

Most of the operators of international air logistics are multinational corporations with a global network, which has expanded into the world through sole proprietorships or joint ventures. Multinational companies are primarily responsible for the transmission of air express. By contrast, global postal services are conducted through the Universal Postal Union as a form of cooperation between postal authorities of most countries around the world. Mail is transmitted through the cooperation of more than two countries' postal authorities. As a rule, international air cargo transportation is conducted by centralized consignment or directly by the consignor's contracted air freight forwarder. When the goods arrive at the destination, they are then transferred to the consignee through the air freight forwarder's relations on behalf of the consignor. As well to the airlines involved, businesses rely on the assistance of air freight forwarders.

Different forms of business organization

The traditional theory of operation of postal transport is relay transmission. Air logistics companies are mostly used in the center of the distribution theory or carousel distribution theory to organize a global network. It is the responsibility of the courier company, according to the actual situation of their business in the central region, to set up a distribution center (Hub). The express mail collected from each place is distributed according to the area and loaded onto the plane. In the evening, planes from all over the world fly to the distribution center, exchange express mail, and fly back. The next morning, the shipment is delivered to the recipient's desk by car from each branch. Due to the central distribution theory, which reduces intermediate links, the flow of express mail is simple and straightforward. By reducing errors, improving operational efficiency, and shortening delivery times, it is both economical and effective.

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