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Basic Requirements for Sea Freight Packing

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1.The packaging of the goods should be firm and intact, which can prevent the packaging from breaking, leakage and loss of the contents during transportation; prevent the goods from being damaged or deteriorated due to stacking, friction, shock or changes in air pressure and temperature; to prevent injury to operators or pollution Aircraft, shipping containers, ground equipment and other items.

2. In addition to being suitable for the nature, state and weight of the goods, the packaging should be convenient for handling, loading and unloading and stacking; there should be no protruding nails, hooks, thorns, etc. on the outer surface of the packaging; the packaging should be clean, dry, free of odor and oil stains.

3. The advance materials (such as sawdust and paper scraps) in the package cannot be leaked. Except for goods packaged in paper bags (such as documents, materials, etc.), all consignments should be bundled with packaging tapes. It is strictly forbidden to use straw bag packaging or straw rope to bundle the goods.

4. The packaging tape used for bundling the goods should be able to bear the full weight of the goods, and ensure that the goods will not be disconnected when lifting the goods.

5. If the packaging of the goods does not meet the above relevant regulations, the shipper should be required to improve or repackage before accepting and transporting.

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