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Analysis on the development prospect and trend of international logistics industry in 2022

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Affected by the COVID-19, since the second half of 2020, the international logistics market has experienced large-scale price increases, cabin explosion, lack of cabinets and other situations. China's export container freight rate composite index climbed to 1658.58 points at the end of December last year, a new high in the past 12 years. In March last year, the Suez Canal's "century ship jam" incident led to the intensification of the shortage of transportation capacity, the new record high of centralized transportation prices, the impact on the global economy, and the success of the international logistics industry.

In addition to the impact of policy changes and geographical conflicts in various countries, international logistics and supply chain have become the focus of attention in the industry in the past two years. "Congestion, high price, lack of container and lack of cabin" were the key terms of last year's shipping. Although various parties have also tried to make various adjustments, the international logistics characteristics of "high price, congestion" in 2022 still affect the development of the international community.

From the basic content of international logistics, it mainly includes three aspects: international transportation, international storage and international inventory. For foreign trade enterprises, in order to improve their competitiveness, we must strengthen the management of these three aspects. As far as the international logistics industry is concerned, it plays a neural and vascular role in the development of enterprises. If it cannot be effectively developed, it will inevitably affect its logistics costs, thereby reducing its profit level, and have an impact on the macro-economy.

At present, foreign express companies continue to enter China, especially the four giants of the global express industry (FedEx, UPS, DHL and TNT) continue to participate in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions or sole proprietorship in China, accelerating the pace of development in China, in order to occupy more domestic market share.

The contradiction between supply and demand of transportation capacity has always been a problem in the international logistics industry, and this contradiction has deepened in the past two years. The outbreak of the epidemic has become a fuel for the intensification of the contradiction between transport capacity and the tension between supply and demand, which makes the distribution, transportation, storage and other links of international logistics unable to be connected in a timely and efficient manner. The epidemic prevention policies implemented by various countries successively, as well as the impact of the rebound of the situation and the increase of inflationary pressure, and the degree of economic recovery of various countries are different, resulting in the concentration of global transport capacity in some routes and ports, ships and personnel are difficult to meet the market demand, and the shortage of containers, cabins, people, soaring freight rates, congestion and so on have become a headache for logistics people.


For logistics people, since the second half of last year, the epidemic control policies in many countries have been relaxed, the supply chain structure has been adjusted faster, and the problems such as freight rate increase and congestion have been alleviated to a certain extent, giving them hope again. In 2022, a series of economic recovery measures taken by many countries around the world have eased the pressure of international logistics. However, the contradiction between supply and demand of transportation capacity caused by the structural dislocation between transportation capacity allocation and actual demand will continue to exist this year based on the fact that the correction of transportation capacity mismatch cannot be completed in the short term.

The acceleration of mergers and acquisitions among international logistics enterprises, on the one hand, stems from potential uncertainty and practical pressure, and industry mergers and acquisitions are almost inevitable; On the other hand, because some enterprises are actively preparing for listing, they need to expand product lines, optimize service capabilities, enhance market competitiveness, and improve the stability of logistics services. At the same time, the supply chain crisis caused by the epidemic, in the face of serious contradiction between supply and demand, global logistics out of control, enterprises need to build an independent and controllable supply chain. In addition, the sharp increase in profits of global shipping companies in the past two years has also increased confidence in the launch of mergers and acquisitions.

The international logistics industry research report aims to start with the national economic and industrial development strategy, analyze the future policy trend of international logistics and the development trend of the regulatory system, tap the market potential of the international logistics industry, and provide a vivid description of market changes from multiple perspectives, such as industrial scale, industrial structure, regional structure, market competition, industrial profitability, etc., based on in-depth research in key market segments

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