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An Introduction to Mexico sea freight line

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The majority of special lines from China to Mexico are shipped by sea. Special lines via air or international express are the main ones for some valuables and items with high time efficiency needs. Mexico is a country in North America, with the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California to the west and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Its maritime transport is highly developed, as are its domestic large and small ports. At the moment, the domestic shipping line to Mexico has more consumers.

1. What are the transportation methods of Mexico's special line?

Mexico and the domestic transportation of commodities are more convenient than other nations, whether it be by air, sea, or special line services, which are also safer and more secure.

Sea freight line: The sea freight route from Mexico provides direct access to the port of destination from any domestic port. The timetable is reliable and has the qualities of security, rapid timeliness, and superior service.

Air transportation line: The Mexican air transportation line is based at the Mexican airport. The special line service provider will offer tail-end delivery services for commodities in response to user demand. Cargo planes or passenger aircraft can transfer cargo to local cities in Mexico.

2. Mexico sea transport special line transportation time efficiency:

The domestic departure port and Mexico's port of destination are the two key factors that determine the unique line of time for sea freight.

For instance, it takes around 23 days by sea to travel from Shenzhen to Mexico; Tianjin takes about 45 days; while Shanghai and Ningbo need about 25 days.

The Mexico shipping line's voyage lasts roughly 20 to 30 days, and the door-to-door delivery takes about 30 to 45 days.

The length listed above is simply for reference; the actual length of transportation will depend on the current situation as disclosed by the service provider.

3. What are the restrictions of Mexico's special line transportation goods?

Dangerous goods.

Imitation brands, infringing products.

Items with high transport risks.

Articles prohibited/restricted by air transport regulations.

Items prohibited for transportation by state order (pornographic items, weapons, etc.).

sea freight to Mexico

4、Port of call for Mexico sea freight line.

Mexico has more ports and better-established shipping industry. The principal ports include 29 locations, including Acapulco, Aguascalientes, Altamira, Cancun, Celaya, Ensenada, Guadalajara, and others.

Three ports—Las Cardenas, Manzanillo, and Leon—receive the majority of the calls from our Mexico shipping line.

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