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An analysis of the factors that contribute to air logistics success

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First of all, air logistics is not an air cargo enterprise in the traditional sense. It is not an extension of the traditional air cargo service as seen by the general public, but rather an emerging industry in the information age. As a second point, the mode of operation of this company is more than simple "aircraft + truck", but rather a combination of information technology, customer demand, supply chain management of manufacturing companies, and collaboration with manufacturers, resulting in a "one-stop" "door-to-door" service that embodies the characteristics of integrated logistics services. As a result, customers receive high-quality, efficient, and personalized integrated logistics services that encompass the supply of raw materials and products, production, transportation, storage, and sales in one seamless process.

Regarding the development of the Chinese air logistics industry, most enterprises are still in the contracting and distribution stages. With the development of information technology, China's aviation enterprises may be able to move beyond logistics outsourcing and directly to supply chain management groups. Taking advantage of some key elements of success is the key to success. According to Mr. Song Yang, the famous logistics management expert, the key elements of success in the air logistics industry can be divided into two categories: air cargo and air express.


Factors that contribute to the success of air cargo companies

1. There is a ground transportation capacity (express cargo network in secondary cities, agent size in the rest of the city, and the ability to provide intercity transportation);

2. Customer relations (whether to establish a national network of freight forwarders, whether to employ hierarchical management of customers, whether to cultivate loyalty to customers);

3. Provide value-added services (warehousing, packaging, assembly, and other supply chain management functions);

4. Information technology (freight management capabilities, CRM system, and knowledge management system);

5. There will be an increase in the number of all-cargo aircraft, the use of existing belly space, and the use of other domestic and international airline routes.

Factors contributing to the success of air express companies

1. A multi-modal transportation capability (the ability to provide all-cargo aircraft as well as belly class and road transport);

2. The efficiency of the logistics process (all-cargo routes, sorting centers, 24-hour operation);

3. Branding (brand promotion, unified service model, unified pricing strategy);

4. An integrated planning information system (a unified planning information system with standardization, reliability, compatibility, and scalability);

5. A high level of service quality (a comprehensive system for assessing performance and monitoring quality, and certification of quality management);

6. A ground transportation network (the establishment of a co-location network and the establishment of intra-city delivery stations in several cities).

Ultimately, what determines whether domestic airlines will be able to achieve a competitive advantage in the market is whether we can grasp these key success factors.

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