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Air Freight – Why Is It Important?

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Shippers can choose from a variety of shipping methods today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article sheds some light on air freight and why it is one of the most important modes of freight shipping.

Usually, air freight is chosen as an option when a shipper requires to send their goods in short shipping times. It is also preferred when the cargo value is high and the volume is comparatively low.

It is estimated that air cargo facilitates global economic development and creates millions of jobs, according to IATA. Providing high-quality products at competitive prices is crucial to the global economy. According to IATA, over US $6 trillion worth of goods are transported via air cargo every year, comprising about 35% of global trade in value. Demand and volumes transported by air are enormous.

But should you consider air freight for your shipments?
Why Choose Air Freight?

The most commonly known benefit of air freight is time! Here are of some of the other major reasons why air freight can prove to be advantageous for you.

We all know the importance of prompt shipping! Shippers who require their goods to arrive as quickly as possible often choose air freight. If the distance between the origin and destination is large and the time available is limited, this is one of the fastest options.

When it comes to timely delivery of goods, air freight tops the list, regardless of the destination. Air carriers rarely alter their schedules at the last minute, unless there is an emergency or a change in government plans, like during the covid-19 pandemic; however, one can rely on the delivery times suggested by the carrier or the freight forwarder.

With fixed flight schedules, air freight makes it easy to track your goods from departure to delivery. The services of a freight forwarder like ProConnect Integrated Logistics can easily track your shipments in transit - you can be sure of the status of your goods.

Security of Air Cargo - As air freight involves fewer handling points than sea and road freight, the risks of loss, theft, or damage to cargo are reduced. In addition, airports have strict safety guidelines with quicker clearance processes, making air freight a more secure option for freight shipping.

Send Goods Across Continents – Air freight facilitates shipping goods from any origin to any destination given the vast presence of airports along with a large network of airlines; all this in a shorter period of time!

Low Warehousing and Storage Costs - Since air freight facilitates faster logistics, large quantities of inventory need not be stored at the destination. In most cases, inventory can be replenished in 2-3 days. Therefore, air freight can reduce the cost of warehousing and storage at the destination.

These are some of the notable benefits of air freight, but there may be others depending on the goods, the location, and the origin.

Usually, shippers prefer to send their air freight through a freight forwarder like ProConnect Integrated Logistics, who can help them maximize their benefits and, at the same time, provide various air freight options based on their needs. If you are looking for prompt deliveries, than air freight might be your best bet. For more details and a competitive quote, contact Shenzhen Cnto Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
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