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Air cargo volume continues to grow for a variety of reasons

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Air transportation plays an imperative role in modern logistics without a doubt. A trend in China's future development plan is the air express industry. How can air cargo volumes continue to grow in light of this? See what industry experts have to say.

To begin with, there are three main reasons for the continued growth of air cargo volumes.

1.In all industries, inventory time is being reduced. Globalization of parts supply has resulted in faster product updates and shorter shelf life for products.

2. Due to convenient and reliable door-to-door transportation, the air cargo industry has seen a rapid increase in cargo turnover, while the declining cost of air freight has shifted shipper interest from surface to air transportation.

3. To increase their capacity in remote markets, large freight companies are investing in upgraded high-capacity freight machines. Unlike the passenger service market, the freight market uses technology to address specific needs that are managed separately. Over the next twenty years, specialty freighters are expected to carry an increasing share of cargo.

Air cargo

In addition, the expansion of cargo aircraft has also contributed to the growth of air cargo.

1. As the freighter market does not require the same increase in frequency as the passenger market, the average size of freighters will also increase. An increase in aircraft usage is the primary reason for the increase in turnover.

2. The share of large freighters has increased from 18% to 20% since the end of 1995, and this trend is expected to continue. As long-haul cargo services grow rapidly and cost pressures increase, large aircraft are required.

In a conclusion, the above factors have contributed to the continued growth of air cargo. Overall, the continued growth of air cargo is due to market demand and advances in cargo technology, which is the trend of the future.

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