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Advantages and Disadvantages of International Logistics Dedicated Line

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A high-quality logistics channel facilitates efficient logistics and improves customer service while driving sales of products. International dedicated lines have gradually become the preferred logistics method for cross-border e-commerce sellers who ship themselves due to the development of cross-border e-commerce logistics. 

Logistics transportation on dedicated lines has many advantages and disadvantages. However, if the choice is not appropriate, it will affect not only the transportation of goods but also the experience of sellers. As a general rule, international logistics lines have the following advantages and disadvantages.


The advantages of the international logistics line

1. Reduce transport costs by shortening the transport time

As they are point-to-point linear transportation modes, dedicated logistics are more cost-effective, since stops, transit, midway unloading, and other factors that cause delays and additional fees will not be involved.

2. Taking on rich items is possible

International special lines are capable of handling a wide range of goods and are able to meet the needs of various product types. In the case of battery products, cosmetics, pure batteries, and other items, there are corresponding transportation channels. Compared to general logistics channels, mail can deliver a wide variety of items.

The disadvantages of the international logistics line

1. A dedicated international line has the disadvantage that it cannot be determined what time the land trucks will arrive, so the customer will have to deal with urgent goods through air transportation or subcontracting.

2. In comparison with commercial express and postal services, there are no standard compensation provisions for international dedicated lines. Due to the lack of measurement standards for lost items, as well as the low level of compensation, there is a high level of risk associated with shippers sending items.

3. Because international dedicated lines have fewer outlets, tracking information is not detailed, and shippers are unable to obtain logistics information in a timely manner.

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