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About Ocean Freight to Auckland

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Ports of Auckland, established in 1985, is New Zealand's largest port, with a container throughput of 660,000 TEU in 2005, accounting for 38% of the total container throughput of New Zealand ports; roll-on/roll-off car throughput of 200,000 vehicles; and other types of break-bulk cargo throughput of 4 million tons. New Zealand is separated into two major islands, the North Island and the South Island. The country includes 11 container ports, the largest of which is the Port of Auckland. The Port of Auckland plays a major role in regional growth, accounting for 32% of Auckland City's economic activity and 13% of New Zealand's national economic activities. It also employs 200,000 people in New Zealand.

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Auckland Port's terminals are situated on the city waterfront, near the bustling commercial core, and are organized into four sections: passenger terminal, ro-ro terminal, bulk cargo terminal, and container terminal. The port channel is dredged to a depth of -14 meters and can accommodate container ships of up to 6,000 TEU. The container terminal is being reclaimed and enlarged to the east due to commercial expansion needs. The container terminal uses modern international standards and electronic system processes, mostly inter-truck operation, and can provide 24-hour day and night operating services if shipping companies want it. Containers are mostly collected and distributed by rail, and the terminal is equipped with four rail lines. According to reports, New Zealand's railroad corporation is underperforming and has been losing money for some time. It was sold to a British railroad business a few years ago for one dollar, but it is still losing money.

The Port of Auckland places a high value on environmental protection. Because the port is close to the city, it imports noise-reducing terminal apparatus and equipment from Europe in particular. The Oakland Port Authority used the landlord port model, leasing the completed container terminals to three port businesses. The Port of Oakland is in the process of merging with the nearby Port of Tauranga, which has better water depth characteristics than the Port of Oakland.

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