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About Air freight to Dallas

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At 17:00 on June 17, a Boeing 747-200 freighter - B2462, loaded with more than 92 tons of cargo, took off from Beijing Capital Airport and flew to Dallas, the gateway port of south-central U.S. The inaugural flight of this freighter marked the official opening of China Cargo Airlines' Beijing-Dallas The inaugural flight of this cargo plane marked the official beginning of Cargo China's Beijing-Dallas cargo route. So far, Air China Cargo has operated nine cargo flights per week on the U.S. route, with destinations in Chicago, New York, Dallas, Portland, and Los Angeles, covering the East Coast, West Coast, and Central region of the United States.

Dallas is the gateway port to the south-central United States, ranking sixth in the world in terms of passenger traffic and fifth in the United States in terms of cargo throughput in the first half of this year. The cargo market of Dallas is mainly based on high-tech electronic products, as well as other goods from the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Houston, and other places and transit goods from the Caribbean, Central, and South America, which has a large market potential.

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In February 2004, China Cargo Airlines opened the first direct cargo route from Pudong to Dallas, so that the domestic to Dallas in the south-central U.S. freight network operations to say goodbye to the "blind spot". Cargo China previously operated direct cargo flights to the east and west of the United States with B747-400 and B747-200 all-cargo aircraft respectively, with no destinations in the south-central United States. The opening of the Beijing-Dallas freighter route will enable Air China Cargo to form a layout of both western, central, and eastern freighter capacity in North America. This is conducive to the further expansion of Air China's market share in North America and is a decisive step for Air China to open up the market in the south-central region of the United States.

The Beijing-Dallas route is operated by flight number CA1053 on the way out and CA1054 on the way back, with three flights per week between Beijing and Dallas. In order to make better use of the capacity, ensure the steady operation of the route, and achieve benefits in the shortest possible time, Air China Cargo also added Chicago, which has a better market situation, as a transit point on the return route. 

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