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A truck from Shenzhen to London in just 15 days

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Since the outbreak of the new crown virus overseas in March, the cross-border border has experienced a major earthquake, and the source of the earthquake is not the rising number of confirmed cases in overseas countries, but the most important link in the trade chain - international air transport. The current international air freight has risen by at least 5 times compared with the normal period!

Under the epidemic, airlines in various countries suffered huge losses. After more than 90% of passenger planes were grounded, the profits of passenger planes fell sharply. Therefore, a spectacle of "passenger-to-cargo" in the history of civil aviation occurred, and various airlines had to change passenger planes to cargo planes to maintain profits; now the planes of the airlines can fly, but they find that there are no pilots, because every international flight comes back. Pilots are required to quarantine for 14 days.

Today, the air freight market has entered a white-hot trend. With the Sino-US freight rate reaching a new high, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and other places have experienced serious "explosion".

Therefore, in such a big environment, domestic charter operators are also suffering, often encountering inspections of epidemic prevention supplies, and many charter flights have empty warehouses or even empty flights due to the failure to complete the customs declaration of the goods in time.

At this stage, the price of international air freight is still one price per day. One minute before, there is still hesitation and comparison, and the next minute the price rises again. It is no exaggeration to say that cross-border air freight is now playing with heartbeats. Sometimes the freight forwarder is charged 5 yuan/KG higher than the market price, and after it is sent to the airport, it may be charged 5 yuan/KG. Because, if you do not accept the price increase from the airline or the agent, you will have to wait for the next flight. The price of the next shift must be higher, and it is difficult to lock the price and position in advance.

In order to replenish the goods in time, the seller paid 80 yuan/KG for air freight, but it did not arrive after 20 days. Is there such a dilemma? The harm brought to cross-border sellers during the epidemic is the uncontrollable timeliness of logistics, resulting in all subsequent store operation plans being disrupted. At present, the international air freight has already exceeded 100, reaching a high level that has never been seen in history! For some commodities, the cost of air transportation has exceeded the value of the goods!

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