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What is the difference between international sea freight and air freight?

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1. Price
Sea transportation: The transportation cost of sea transportation is about 1/25~1/20 of railway transportation and 1/100 of road transportation.
Air freight: Usually the weight is 45KG, if it is less than 45KG, it will be calculated as 45KG. For goods less than 45KG, some airlines will have N price, that is, they do not need to bill according to 45KG, but can be charged according to the actual kilogram.
Express: The weight of the package is 0.5KG. If it is less than 0.5KG, it will be charged at 0.5KG. It is recommended to take the express delivery for the goods under 30KG. Express over 45KG is usually more expensive than air. In general, the unit price of express over 45kg is twice as expensive as that of air freight.

2. The customs declaration lead time, the same sea freight takes longer than air freight.
It takes 2~4 days for shipping by sea, such as opening on Friday and customs clearance on Wednesday.
It only takes 0.5~3 days for air freight, such as customs clearance on Friday and Thursday.

3. Is it possible to enter the warehouse in batches?
Shipping by sea can be put into the warehouse in batches, while air freight generally cannot be put into the warehouse in batches, such as the Capital Airport.

4. Commercial inspection
Shipping sometimes requires picking up/unloading boxes, which is time-consuming and costly; there are inspection fees, and there may be loading and unloading fees, trailer fees, and so on.
When the goods are inspected by air, the principle of "inspection before entering the warehouse" is implemented, and the speed is fast, and there is generally no inspection fee.

5. Customs inspection
Shipping needs to pick up/unpack the box, which is time-consuming and expensive, and will incur inspection fees, loading and unloading fees, and trailer fees.
No pick-up/unbox, fast; generally no inspection fee

6. Shipping documents
Ocean Bill of Lading: The information must be checked with the customer whether it is the original or the telex.
Air waybill: The requirements are not as strict as the ocean bill of lading, but it is best to confirm it to the customer.
If the transaction is made by "Letter of Credit", special attention should be paid to the verification of the bill of lading.

US (AMS) and Canada (ACI) are required by sea, not by air.

8. ENS
EU 27 and individual countries in North Africa/Middle East (such as Turkey) require ENS by sea, but not by air.

9. ISF (10+2)
Ocean freight is only required in the United States (ISF is unique to the United States), and air freight is not required.

10. Identification/MSDS
MSDS is required for seaborne powder/chemical industry, and air transportation identification is required for airborne powder/chemical industry.
Note: Some airlines only accept the identification issued by "Cignal".

11. Magnetic measurement
Shipping does not require magnetic measurement,
Magnetic goods (belonging to Class 9 dangerous goods), such as motors/speakers, need to be checked for magnetism.

12. As for the lead time of warehouse entry, shipping by sea will take longer than air shipping.
Shipping generally takes 3 to 6 days (at least 4 days in advance for LCL).
Air freight only takes 1 to 3 days, and air freight customers generally have high time requirements.
Tips: The weight is small, and if the weight is less than 45 kg, the cost of express and air freight is similar, but the express procedures are convenient. For more than 45kg, the cost of air freight is lower than that of express. Regardless of the value of the goods, the buyer is required to provide a customs power of attorney. However, if the timeliness requirements are not high, the shipping price is much cheaper than both.
Compared with international air and sea freight, the air freight time is faster, you can book space every day, and the relative freight is high. Compared with air freight, sea freight is lower, but the cycle is longer. If you choose large and heavy goods, you should choose sea freight.

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