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Vessels delay due to Yantian Terminal too Crowded

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Recently, due to the sharp decline in the number of liner arrivals, a large number of export heavy containers can not be loaded;  The yard density of Yantian port area is close to saturation,which bring difficults for Ocean freight shipments by sea from China to wordwide.

At present, the average delay time of ships arriving at Yantian wharf is 7 days, many fully loaded containers are stranded in Yantian wharf, and the yard density is close to full load.  The quota for incoming containers was maintained at 12,000 containers per day.

In order to avoid further impact on the production of the port area and increase the surrounding traffic pressure, Yantian Port Area adjusts the entry gate of the export heavy container as follows:

1. Starting from 0 o 'clock on January 21, 2022, Yantian Port Area will only receive THE ETB-4 days of the export heavy container import lock (i.e., 4 days before the expected berthing date of the ship); 

2. The reserved quota of export heavy containers will remain unchanged at 12,000 per day; 

3.1 Heavy containers booked successfully at the port on 19th and 20th, due to queuing delay, the booking time was missed, and the container was picked up normally at the port.

As the omicron variant spreads, it adds to the strain on global supply chains affected. by Labour shortages.

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