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The giant ship was rescued! Suez Canal finally lifted! But the fall of Europe has only just begun...

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The Great Congestion of the Century is finally coming to an end!

On March 29, local time, Egyptian President Sisi announced the successful completion of the dredging work of the Suez Canal.

Egypt's Suez Canal Authority stated that after the "Changci" stuck in the Suez Canal resurfaced, it would take three and a half days for the canal to resume smooth. At present, the stranded cargo ship has fully recovered to its normal channel.

The excavation of the Suez Canal can be described as twists and turns.
New statistics show that the number of ships currently waiting to pass through the Suez Canal has increased to about 500, including dozens of livestock carriers.

Normally, when ships pass through the Suez Canal, they will line up and enter the canal from Port Said (the north entrance of the canal) at 3:30 am and from Suez (the south entrance of the canal) at 4:00 am. Passage regulations require that ships should pass through the entire canal before 23:00 on the same day.

However, a source revealed that after the canal resumes traffic, it will work around the clock to speed up the transit of stranded ships. Expert analysis said that it will take about a week for all the backlog ships to transit.

In addition, some ships have chosen to bypass the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa for cargo transportation. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 12 days for a cargo ship to travel from the Suez Canal to Amsterdam, the Netherlands at a speed of 12 knots, while it takes 41 days to bypass the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, adding about 10,000 kilometers to the voyage and costing an additional 3 million yuan.

Although the transportation cost of China Railway Express is 50% higher than that of sea freight, it is still much lower than that of air freight.

Compared with the slow timeliness of sea transportation, the large transportation volume, the few countries that pass through, and the ease of being affected by weather and other factors, the China-Europe freight train international land multimodal transport has fast timeliness, many countries that the line passes through, and is less affected by other factors such as weather. It will also be limited by the carrying capacity of the ports along the way.

Taking Poland as an example, it takes 35 days for sea freight and 12 days for China-Europe trains on average. If it is sent from Xi'an to Malaszewicz, Poland, it will take only 8 days at the fastest, and then arrive in Hamburg, Germany in 2 days, which is twice as fast as shipping by sea.

Under the current haze of Asia-Europe shipping, rail transport may be a better choice!

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