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Six processes of international air export operation

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What are the six major processes involved in international air export operations?

1. Power of attorney

The shipper fills out the freight consignment letter on his own. As part of the consignment note, the following columns shall be provided: Shipper, consignee, departure and destination airports, required routes/applications for booking spaces, transportation declaration value, customs declaration value, insurance amount, handling matters, attachment of waybill, gross weight, freight rate category, billing weight, name and quantity of goods, the signature of shipper, date, etc.

2. Review documents

Export documents for international air transport include the following: invoice, packing list, consignment letter, submission form, foreign exchange verification sheet, license, commodity inspection certificate, incoming/incoming processing verification book, claim/repair agreement, arrival guarantee, and customs seal.

3. Booking space

Provide the airline operation control department with the following information: Name, volume, weight, quantity, and destination of goods; Transportation time, etc. once you receive the delivery forecast from the shipper. Classes and flights are arranged by airlines according to the current situation. In order to achieve the lowest and most reasonable freight rate for the shipper, the best route and carrier can be selected when booking shipping space on behalf of the shipper.

4. Receiving goods

A consignor delivers the goods himself: the freight forwarder shall fax the warehousing drawing of the goods to the consignor, along with the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, and time. In order to ensure that the goods are warehoused on time and accurately.

The shipper must provide the freight forwarder with specific information regarding the receiving address, contact information, telephone number, and the time so that the goods can be warehoused in a timely manner.


5. International air export declaration

The freight forwarder shall present the customs declaration documents on behalf of the consignor; after the customs has verified the correctness, the customs officer shall apply the release seal to the original waybill.

6. International air export fee settlement

Prior to takeoff, the carrier settles the relevant freight and miscellaneous charges with the carrier.

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