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Ocean freight to Amazon in the UK and paid attention to these details.

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Ocean freight to Amazon in the UK and paid attention to these details. We are not afraid of customs inspection

More and more European Amazon sellers pay more attention to VAT registration,Many of the previous transportation channels were "double clearing tax" channels and did not pay import tariffs.

Yes, in the short term, owever, it will inevitably be "settled after autumn" by HMRC, What will happen if the seller is found not to pay VAT?

The seller is required to make true, timely and accurate tax declaration.
In case of intentional delay, error or false declaration, May be subject to HMRC, including cargo seizure Report to Amazon, resulting in different degrees of penalties such as account restriction and fines.

How do I register for UK value added tax (VAT)?

You can complete your application through the relevant website of HMRC.After completing the relevant information, HMRC will create an online value added tax (VAT) account for you (sometimes called government gateway account). You can also appoint a third-party agent to apply for value-added tax (VAT) number. In the long run, it is still recommended that the seller apply for the tax number himself, and it is more legal to use his own tax number to clear customs and pay taxes. Otherwise, once the Amazon account that has been operated for many years is sealed or fined, the gain is not worth the loss.

The UK DDU customs clearance method shall provide the UK VAT number and eori number, VAT number is equivalent to tax number. The tax paid by British customs will be recorded and can be used for tax deduction when buying and selling.

Eori is a new term, which is the abbreviation of economic operator registration and identification, This number is a necessary registration number for enterprises with economic activities, especially import and export business in EU countries.

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