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Ocean freight export operation process, shipping process

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Consignment is a form of logistics, which refers to the service in which the shipper entrusts a company with consignment qualifications to transport the goods to the designated place and hand it over to the designated consignee. When shipping by sea,
1. The shipper needs to provide: box type, box volume, destination port, shipping time, product name
2. Entrusted packing, the freight company asks the owner of the packing method. The shipper provides the factory address and the freight company provides the warehouse address to the shipper
3. The freight company asks the shipper for customs declaration information.
Booking is the cargo shipper or its agent, according to specific needs, select the appropriate ship, to the carrier (ie, the liner company or its business organization) verbally or by booking letter to make an appointment for loading and apply for transportation in the right reserved space; The act of a person committing to such an application. There are usually cargo name (namely product name), weight and size, port of departure, port of destination, consignee and consignee, ship name and other contents that need to be informed on the booking list.
make a box
Making boxes means that different units transport goods to the port area in different loading methods.
Making boxes includes factory-made boxes and warehouse-made boxes
The factory makes the box, that is, after the freight company picks up the box, it makes the box according to the factory address provided by the shipper.
The warehouse makes the box, that is, the freight company informs the warehouse of the name of the ship and the bill of lading number. Leasing a letter of introduction to the shipping company's container yard to pick up the box, and make the box after the owner delivers it.
customs declaration loading
Customs declaration refers to the process by which the consignee and consignee of import and export goods, the person in charge of the inbound and outbound transportation vehicles, the owners of inbound and outbound articles or their agents go through the customs procedures for the entry and exit of goods, articles or transportation vehicles and related customs affairs, including reporting to the customs. Declare and submit documents for inspection, and accept customs supervision and inspection. Loading is the shipping company can load the container onto the ship after customs declaration.
After the shipping company transports the goods to the destination port, the containers are unloaded on the wharf.
Notify Pickup
The shipping company notified the consignee to pick up the goods.
customs clearance
Customs clearance means customs clearance, which refers to the formalities that should be performed in accordance with various laws, regulations and regulations when importing, exporting or transshipment goods enter and exit the customs territory of a country.
Customs clearance Only after customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other procedures can be completed, the goods can be released, and the owner or the declarant can pick up the goods. During customs clearance, whether it is imported, exported or transshipped, the goods are under customs supervision and are not allowed to circulate freely.
change order
The consignee changes the bill of lading to a bill of lading
Pick up
Pickup includes delivery and pickup, delivery: that is, logistics will send special delivery personnel to deliver your goods to the place you specify. Pick-up: When the goods arrive at the destination port, the consignee picks up the goods at the destination port with the bill of lading, or entrusts a friend to hand over the bill of lading to a friend to pick up the goods for you. In a word, the customer picks up the goods by himself.

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