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How to calculate the cost of air freight?

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Air freight charges = air freight unit price * weight + miscellaneous charges

Air freight is mainly composed of air freight and miscellaneous fees, and is calculated according to the weight class of the goods. It is usually divided into 5 weight classes, which are +45KG (goods above 45KG, the same applies to the following), +100KG, +300KG , +500KG, +1000KG. The air freight price corresponding to each weight class is different, and the heavier the cargo weight, the lower the air freight price. For example, the unit price of air freight for 45kg--100kg goods is 21 yuan/kg, but the air freight unit price of goods over 1000kg may only be 16 yuan/kg. Miscellaneous fees include: storage fees, customs declaration fees, etc. However, many airlines will include air freight miscellaneous expenses in the freight, that is to say: air freight cost = air freight unit price * weight.

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