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Good news came from air freight

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Although Covid-19 has affected the freight industry very much, however air freight has maintained a steady growth in recent months. 

According to the international Air Transport Association's (IATA) regular report on global air cargo, global air cargo demand in October 2021 continued to be well above pre-pandemic levels, with capacity bottlenecks easing slightly.  Global air cargo demand (measured in freight tonnage kilometres or "CTKs") increased by 9.4% year-on-year in October 2019 (international demand increased by 10.4%). 

IATA information shows that supply chain disruptions and the resulting delivery delays are causing suppliers to take too long to deliver.  Manufacturers often use faster air freight to make up for lost time in production.  In the run-up to year-end retail activity peaks such as Christmas, the store-to-sales ratio remains low, favouring air freight, which manufacturers are turning to quickly to meet demand. 

However, in 2021, due to the port congestion and ocean freight cost soaring, air freightget increasing advancetages by its fast transit time and rather cheap cost performance.

According to IATA, global goods trade and industrial production remain above pre-pandemic levels, while air freight is highly competitive with containerised transport: before the crisis, air freight averaged 12.5 times more expensive than sea freight.  By September 2021, air fares will be only three times higher than sea fares. 

Before the Covid-19, airlines used winter pricing for their winter schedules and summer pricing for their summer schedules, but now they can even update their prices twice a day, and freight forwarding digital booking, which was in its infancy before the pandemic, has taken advantage of the opportunity to grow.

It’s easy to see:the air freight industry in the next stage will continue to develop in a good direction. 

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