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Amazon Japan Station 2021 Multi-Channel Service Delivery Agent Fee Revision Notice, Some Shipping Agent Cost Will Be Reduced!

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Amazon Japan announced that the Shipping Agent Cost for Multi-Channel Service (MCF) will be revised from August 30, 2021.
Costs for fulfillment, shipping, and product delivery are rising, but with this fee adjustment, discounted rates for shipments of two or more in one shipment, as well as standard shipping for small sizes, will decrease. In addition to that, only part of the shipping cost is increased. See below for details on the changes.

Overview of Multi-Channel Services Shipping Agency Fees and Amendments

Discounts are available each time you ship two or more items.
FBA's size category has added oversized sizes.

The charging structure of the "specified delivery date and time" service, which is the same as the "express service", will be adjusted, and the average reduction will be about 3%. The price for Standard Size 2 and above for the "Specify Delivery Date Time" service will be the same as the "Normal Delivery" price.
When calculating the shipping fee, the cost of the package weight will be cancelled.
Extend the standard size 1 target size from 33 cm x 24 cm x 2.8 cm to 35 cm x 30 cm x 3.3 cm.

Remove longest side requirement for large size items.

Multi-Channel Services (MCF)
Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) is a program of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With Multi-Channel Fulfillment, Amazon stores your inventory in our fulfillment centers. When you sell items on your own website or other e-commerce sites, Amazon picks, packs, and ships them to buyers.

You can use the tools in your seller account to create Multi-Channel Fulfillment shipments to Amazon, submit orders for Amazon fulfillment, and manage customer service for those orders. With Multi-Channel Fulfillment, you can scale your business and handle the surge in orders during peak sales seasons. You can also offer next-day and two-day shipping to buyers.

With Multi-Channel Fulfillment, you can choose to have the buyer return the item to you, or return it to an Amazon fulfillment center and return it to your inventory. You can request that in-stock items be returned to you at any time.

You can use Multi-Channel Fulfillment to automatically fulfill your FBA inventory. If you have a Professional Selling account, you can post Multi-Channel Fulfillment inventory that is not yet sold on Amazon. For more information, see Listing FBA products.

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