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Air freight prices show a downward trend Is it possible to replenish?

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Recently, the price of air pie has shown a downward trend. Some sellers reported that European air freight was still quoted at more than 80 yuan last week, and this week it has been as low as about 70 yuan! According to the reflection of some forwarders, the current air delivery price has decreased compared with the previous two weeks, but the current decrease is very small, and there is a certain degree of delay.

The drop in air prices is undoubtedly good news for sellers. Some sellers hope that later air shipments can return to normal levels. The Christmas light festival is coming soon. Many merchants are rushing to export their goods to the North American or European markets on the eve of Christmas. The peak period of goods export will be ushered in a short period of time. The sudden drop in air freight is good news for everyone. Save logistics costs.

However, it is predicted that this wave of price cuts may only be temporary, and logistics prices may rise again near Christmas.

Many sellers may encounter the situation of stock out of stock. Some sellers do not have special personnel to be responsible for inventory management, stocking, and logistics. They may often face the problem of "replenishing more for fear of overstocking, and making up for less for fear of out-of-stock". And tangled, after all, too much stock has a great impact on capital occupation and normal operation; a listing will basically die if it runs out of stock a few times.

In addition, logistics and transportation during the peak season sales are the most problematic links. If you have a delivery plan, you must be ahead of schedule, and make an advance stocking plan.

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