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Air freight is too expensive, sea freight is too slow! The problem that plagued sellers is finally solved!

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"Most of this year's planes have been used to transport anti-epidemic materials. The demand for anti-epidemic materials overseas has surged, and the number of flights has been reduced, resulting in very limited air transport capacity. Due to the ultra-high profits of anti-epidemic materials such as masks, many sellers selling masks. Buying freighter positions at high prices has caused Air freight charges to continue to rise! And the profit margins of most other FBA sellers have determined that they cannot afford the high costs, resulting in the situation that there are goods that cannot be shipped by air.” A cross-border logistics senior People have revealed the secret of skyrocketing air freight costs.

After being banned from opening positions on March 17, the sales of many Amazon sellers have plummeted, and the most have even exceeded 80%. The life of sellers has become quite difficult, and they have already tightened their belts to live.

I have finally made it to the point where the non-necessities of life can be opened, but looking at the high air freight costs, there is little profit left on the product, or even a loss, the sellers can only stay away...

Since air freight is too expensive, how about sea freight? When the goods arrived a month later, it is estimated that the day lily was cold, and the out-of-stock listings lost their weight. Moreover, under the epidemic situation, news of 2019-nCoV infection has been reported from time to time in ports around the world.

In addition, sellers have to deal with the ever-changing policies of Amazon!

Recently, although Amazon officially announced that more products are allowed to create shipments, the sellers in the United States who are busy replenishing and shipping hav

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